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ISH YOG by Swapan K. Das

  • Ish Yog is more than just a place to practice yoga only. Wellness and well-being are for all with no doubt in YOGA’s ancient yet scientific wisdom, which can bring back your light of hope.

 It is one of the best Therapy based Yoga Center in Jaipur, India, where we treat more than 200 lifestyle  diseases like:

Depression● Anxiety  Slip Disc ●  Sciatic  ●DiabetesPCOD, PCOS Vertigo Asthma● Varicose vein Back Pain ● Cervical Pain ● Migran ●Knee Pain etc.

with therapy yoga.

Our Yoga guru’s mission is to create health awareness and provide holistic health to humanity by inspiring growth in the body, mind, and spirit. 




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Yoga Training in this Studio has been one of the best decisions I have ever made for my fitness. Really love the positive vibes and friendly atmosphere.
in the centre of the city

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